Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Review for Dance of Love

I receieved my first review for my novella Dance of Love. Thank you so much Ecataromance!

Review, Dance of Love by Kristi Ahlers
A charming tale of lost love and second chances, Kristi Ahlers pens a heartwarming tale of lovers separated by duty, though neither has forgotten the other.A chance to dance as the Prima Ballerina has brought Adrianna Sinclair back from Paris to London. Leaving behind her friends, she embarks on a thrilling dream come true. Reuniting with her lost love is not in her plans, but destiny brings Christian back into her life.
Christian Tremont, the Duke of Aimsworth was bound by duty to marry another. Though he has never forgotten the lovely woman who captured his heart, they are from different worlds. Can he win back the woman who has haunted his dreams for so many years?
A richly depicted sense of time and place allows the reader to step right onto the stage of the theatre. The chemistry between the lovers is strained and the dialogue is a little awkward at times, but overall Dance of Love was a nice little tale to while away a few minutes.

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