Monday, June 23, 2008

I've Arrived

I confess I came to blogging kicking and screaming. Okay, not exactly, kicking and there was no screaming involved, but the fact that I'm here is a big deal. Frankly, I never really thought anyone would care about what I had to say. I mean really, who am I? A wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend and oh, yeah, a writer. So why blog? Well, my life over the past...hmmm...say month and half has been...eventful, yeah, we'll go with eventful. At least "eventful" sounds better then "Bad Karmic, acid, juju rain falling without stop." That, and it's faster to type "eventful."

Seriously, one of my friends suggested that I blog, get my feelings out, express the frustrations I'm under and I'd be surprised by how many had dealt with the same things. So here goes, raise your hand if you've had to deal with any and/or all of these things...keeping in mind this has all happened to me since April. Are you ready? Are you sure, because this is going to be a bumpy ride, and no I'm not being creative or plotting out a book. This has seriously been my life...and no there is no stunt double talking here...Okay, you were prepared...

In the last two months, I've been in an elevator that fell four floors, while I was in it. Yeah, could have gone my entire life not experiencing that, learned my husband is being deployed to Iraq, had a tornado/severe rainstorm do a wee bit of damage to my 171 year old house, now have a leak in the roof and wouldn't you know it, it's in my bedroom, of course it is...where else would it be...okay, lost my focus...where was I??? Oh, that's right leak in the roof, next day, upstairs toilet decided to quit working, (did I mention my husband is gone during all of this...nothing like a little challenge) found out my publisher who I had signed three contract with was going to close (horrid situation but have no bad feelings it was due to health reasons and I support the decision 1000% percent) so it's back to the query submit merri-go-round.

So let's recap Elevator, hubby being deployed...hubby leaves and then tornado, toilet, publisher closing, leaky roof, found out we had carpenter bee's eating the new deck, teetered on the brink of financial ruin (hubby has a second job, can't do job if he's not home) and dealing with all of this while keeping two teenage boys in line. And that's just a snap shot. Take for example last Friday...sit back this is me...

I went to run errands last Friday. My plan was to get out and back before it got too hot. I live in the Midwest, if we're not in danger of blowing away, or floating away, well then it's being slowly roasted to death by heat and humidity (I'm a California girl, it's hot there but a dry heat...) so I got up, showered and picked up the mini van keys, with a spring in my step since I had it all planned out. Ran to base, all the things I needed to do could be done there. Whoo Hoo a total switch from having to make half a dozen stops. First, I needed eggs, now I vowed if I could find a close spot it would be a "sign" and I'd park. Found a parking place and in I went. I figured I could be in and out in less then 5 mins. Went got my eggs was on the way to the registers when out of no where, retiree with jets on her back takes me out in her rush to get to the Metamucil. She doesn't even stop to see if I was okay, just went on her merry way, I'm sitting on my backside, eggs everywhere broken and what have you. I get some help up, an employee runs and gets me more eggs. I go, pay, wearing eggs on my shoes and a little on my pants but not so much that I can't finish what I need to, must go and get gas. I drive over to the station and lo and behold all the pumps are in use except for the one I need. Again a sign right??? You'd think so. I drive up, something is keeping me from being excited...I should have listened to my gut. I get out and begin the pumping of the gas. Now, mind you, I'm paying attention to $$$ pumped, not gallons, I'm only going to put in $20 bucks and figure that if I paid attention to the gallons, well, I'd be ticked so 14, 15, 16...what the heck????!!!!! I'm now wearing gas. Yeah, the little thing that makes the pump click "off" when the tank is full is broken. They forgot to put a plastic bag on the stupid nozzle. I go in to pay, dripping gas and egg, trying to wear a convincing smile, like I meant to wear that stuff, like it was Chanel or something. I'm not that good of an actress...The employees apologize and off I go to my last stop. I need to pick up some meds so I pull up to the pharmacy. I sit in my mini-van not terribly anxious to leave, my youngest son looks at me and says, "Good luck, mom." I smile gamely at the little twit and open my door. I walk in, no line I get my meds and I'm on my way out. Now there is this little (and in my opinion stupid and dangerous) curb between the two parking lots. I lift one foot over the lip and I'm good, second, well, it's a bit slippery thanks to egg and gas and it slips, tripping me in the process I'm now down on the asphalt on my hands and knees, gravel digging into my flesh. So now, I've got eggs, gas, and gravel on my person. Of course my graceful (yes it was graceful, trust me...I ooze grace) fall was witnessed by no less then 8 people and of course the one person that helps me up well, is gorgeous, the most wonderful dark blue eyes, great dimples in his cheeks, yummy (yes, I'm married, happily so, but I'm not blind nor dead, I can appreciate eye candy when I see it and this guy was YUMMY) SSGT.

See, my life is rather...complicated. Check back soon for more exploits!