Friday, August 29, 2014


Every once in a great while I go out on a limb and do something completely out of my comfort zone in writing. ONE NIGHT in NEW ORLEANS is a perfect example of this.

This is my first Erotic novella and I had a great time writing it. It was fun to step outside of my comfort zone and challenge myself. I mean, what is life without a wee bit of challenge?

Here is the blurb of ONE NIGHT in NEW ORLEANS, the fourth in the CITY NIGHTS Series!

Dr. Kaitlyn Burrows and her best friend, Anya, have come to New Orleans to have a little vacation and to attend an annual fundraising masquerade party. Kaitlyn is there to have fun and donate some much needed funds. What she isn’t expecting is to meet Thierry Beaulieu. He’s about to take one night in New Orleans and make it a night to remember. 

Thierry Beaulieu is a pilot and has come home to his native New Orleans for some much needed down time, and to support his best friend with the bachelor charity auction. When he meets a mystery woman at the ball and finds he wants to get to know the woman better, he fixes it so she wins the auction. He has one night to prove to Kaitlyn that there is such a thing as love at first sight, and there is nothing wrong with lust being the motivator. He’s going to make sure his Kaitlyn has a night she won’t forget.

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