Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Happy and Exciting News!

For the past three months I've been working on a secret project...fearful that I'd fail, excited because I was taking a creative risk, and for the first time really enjoying sitting down at the keyboard. I've penned my first ever horror novella that has been accepted and included in a fantastic collection of Christmas Horror stories. With stories from NYTimes Best Selling authors Heather Graham and F. Paul Wilson, along with E. McCarthy, and several other up and coming authors there is a little something for everyone here! It's available for pre-order and yes, print books will be available as well. 

Hope you all take a moment to check out this new offering,  and that you have a very Happy and Safe Thanksgiving. 

Monday, November 23, 2015



Thanksgiving in Hatteras-Kristi Ahlers
Emily Dare reluctantly returns to the outer banks and her past at the request of her Grammy. Is this the beginning of heartbreak or happy forever?  

A Time for Thanks-Lynn Hubbard
Sabrina Stafford reflects on all that she is thankful for, her family, friends and love.

A Newport Thanksgiving-Rachel Moniz
Socialite Laura Moresby is a passionate suffragette and when her interest in women's rights causes a minor scandal, she finds a Newport Thanksgiving the perfect solution to her problems.

His Blessing, Her Curse – Mary Alice Pritchard
One had everything but didn't see it as anything but an annoyance. One had nothing and believed she was cursed.Together they show each other what they already have and what they can offer each other, love and acceptance.

Moment of Bliss – Alena Stuart
When their mutual attraction is revealed, Aidan Spencer and Kendra Lawson have little patience for a drawn-out seduction. But will their red-hot affair lead to more than just a moment of bliss?

The Hunter – Anna Volk
Cassandra and Michael are in love and cannot wait to announce their engagement. But before the cougars can share the news, Michael’s brother Justin claims Cassandra as his mate and threatens Michael’s life.

A Thanksgiving Picnic – Kate Hofman
A civil engineer, an advertising executive and a Mafioso are on their way back to Florida. Flying over the Everglades, their plane suddenly runs out of fuel. Will any of them survive to celebrate another Thanksgiving?