Thursday, February 19, 2015

Reading and Technology--How Do You Unwind

Why read?

Recently Kenya West came out and made the statement—and I’m going to be paraphrasing here…that books are too wordy and really simply and ego thing for the writer. Hmmm…first off I was thinking Hello Pot. I’ve never seen such an huge egomaniac in awhile.

But his comment got me to thinking. Why do people read? Why do you pick up a certain genre over others? What speaks to you as a reader?

Before I worked up the nerve to write my book I was an avid reader. I was a top 100 reviewer with Amazon and I also reviewed for several years for Romantic Times Magazine. I read a wide range of books, genre’s and authors. Some I admit I wouldn’t have picked up on my own.  And as a result I would have missed out on some seriously amazing stories, authors, and my “reading world” would be seriously small.

But do people still choose to read as a way of kicking back and relaxing? Face it technology has changed how we do things. Stop and think how many times you’ve gone out and spent a great part of her time checking social networks, or added to your story on Snapchat. You’re with your date or hanging with friends and you are head down chatting with others. This really irritates me at times. We’ve lost the ability to socialize in person.

Has the tablets and smartphones of the world taken away from a good read? At times I think they do. I’m all for you using the tablet to download that book. I have both a Kindle and Nook account and I carry my tablet with me so I have ready access to my library. Win for technology.

I read before I do a lot of other things. The news is full of politically correct garbage that tries to avoid the very real and ugly truth that the world is exploding with not nice things. Reality is too much, I’d much rather escape into a good romance. Where love isn’t a punch line, where relationships are grown and nurtured with the end result being that mystical Happily Ever After. I love a good historical novel where you can travel back in time and experience a time long past. And paranormal reads are also very intriguing. There are no rules, the worlds are dynamic and entertaining.

So what do you do to relax? Do you game, read, a combination of both? What draws you to a book?

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