Thursday, February 9, 2012


I had a friend who doesn’t write
quiz me the other day about my writing process and other things, thought I’d go
ahead and do a kinda Q&A blog…please feel free to post questions and I’ll
do my best to answer…let’s have some fun!

So how do you get into the groove
to write?

Someone asked me that question
the other day and I can honestly say I didn’t have a ready answer for them. In
truth, I don’t write unless I have a scene to tell, or my characters are
yammering at me. Thankfully, this never seems to be an issue, as my characters
normally choose the very inconvenient time to pester me right as I’m getting
ready to slip into a deep sleep. I then either get up and write the scene or
the paragraph or whatever it is that needs to be gotten down and then I go back
to sleep.

Where do I get my story ideas?

Do you really want the answer to
that? LOL! In all seriousness it depends. Sometimes and idea is sparked from a
conversation, or a television program, or just walking past a person. Other
times, if I’m in a place (city) that will inspire a character or an idea I feel
will be strong enough to carry a story.

Do you Storyboard?

I shouldn’t admit this but the
answer is NO! I’m a type A personality in many ways lol. I have days that I
clean, do laundry, I have a set time I stop what I’m doing in order to start
dinner, or workout. In my real life I’m very, very organized. Now when it comes
to my writing I’m a hot unorganized mess! I’ve tried storyboarding, scene
plotting, outlining, you name it I’ve tried it. I have a box full of pretty
markers, colored sticky notes, poster boards, cork boards, enough to start my
own stationary store and I use none of it! Crazy I know but the way I do it is
I have the beginning, the middle and the end in my head and then I write the
scenes as they come to me and then I quilt the whole thing together to form a

What genre’s do I write?

I am currently published in the
Contemporary and Historical genre’s yet I’ve written a quirky paranormal and a
dark suspense. I believe in writing the story that’s burning inside you, plenty
of authors cross genre’s it’s all in how you brand yourself if you’re going to
enjoy success within different genres.

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